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Enchanted Island Hide 'N Peeks
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Enchanted Island 1987
Beautiful land of Pixietail magic!


Once upon a time, Lady LovelyLocks was playing in the forest of Enchanted Island when she heard an adorable giggle. She looked up and saw three shy Hide 'N Peeks peeking out from behind their long hair. They were named Sunnypeek, Perkypeek, and Pearlypeek. Lady LovelyLocks introduced her new friends to Maiden FairHair and MaidenCurlyCrown, and the Sea Magic Pixitails. Soon they all became friends.



Sunnypeek ContentsBlue PixiePetal Crown, Purple Sea Horse Comb, And Blue Fish Sea Magic Pixietail.

Perkypeek ContentsPink PixiePetal Crown, Green Sea Horse Comb, And Pink Snail Sea Magic Pixietail. 

Pearlypeek Contents- Yellow PixiePetal Crown, Pink Sea Horse Comb, And Yellow Turtle Sea Magic Pixietail. 


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