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Enchanted Island Lilytops
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Enchanted Island 1987
Beautiful land of Pixietail magic! 

Once upon a time, Lady LovelyLocks journeyed to the Enchanted Island. There, in a pond, she saw three lilypads ferrying the Sea Magic Pixietails across the water! Suddenly, the lilypads jumped up giggling. Under their lilypads hats, the Lilytops had been hiding. These pretty little water babies: Lilybubble, Lilysplash, and Lilysprinkle had been waiting for the beautiful princess to take care of them. 



Lilybubble Contents- Lilytop, Pink Flower Hat, Aqua Sea Horse Comb, And  Yellow Sea Horse Magic Pixietail

Lilysplash Contents- Lilytop, Yellow Flower Hat, Purple Sea Horse Comb, And Orange Fish Sea Magic Pixietail.

Lilysprinkle Contents- Lilytop, Purple Flower Hat, Pink Sea Horse Comb,  And Aqua Turtle Sea Magic Pixietail.


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