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Poppet The Chickadee
Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi all! This is Poppet! She is such a sweet one isn't she?! :D
I made three dresses for her using Jenny's Dress Pattern. Lol you can tell I am still new at it, but hopefully will get better in time. C: I will post the dresses soon, so everyone can see. 

As far as my other "Bear Adventures"... :P I have two other orders by Jenny Lee coming soon. I have looked at other Bear Artists, but none compare to Jenny's. These cute little bundles of joy have stole my heart! 

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Starting To Collect Bears
Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was never really into Teddy Bears... etc... Until I saw these! The Chickadees! Jenny Lee is an amazing Bear Artist. She was able to win my heart with her creative design of Bears and other precious characters.  

The only other Bears or Plush items I have and like are by Sanrio and Knitting Dreams. I do have some random ones that I just love! Like my Baby White Seal, Baby Leopard and Snail. XD

I already placed an order with her! I am going to soon have my very own Chickadee! 
So happy!!! :D

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