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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello  there! My name is Heather Segovia. I work as a Stylist for a Paul Mitchell Salon here in Texas.
In my spare time I enjoy collecting and hunting for that next toy. If you know me, you know that my obsession is Lady LovelyLocks And The Pixietails. I started collecting a few years back. I was about... 17 or 18 when I randomly thought about my childhood toys... I looked them up on the Internet. And behold... eBay...

I have been hooked ever since. I never knew you could buy back your childhood toys. So this was an amazing feeling and enjoyment. When I was little I only had the one doll, Lady LovelyLocks. So when I saw that their were more characters and playsets I went crazy! I was so happy! Over the years I have surrounded myself in the LovelyLocks Kingdom among other toys that I love.

I don't expect everyone to understand my feelings for a toy or doll. Most of my family thinks its a waste. Lol but of course I am still doing what makes me smile. Our toys are one of the last symbols of innocence that this world holds. All the peace and good times of my life started with a toy, So it shall end with one.

Thanks and Have a safe Happy Halloween!

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