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Popo Bear
Sunday, March 20, 2011

I always wanted something to remember my Grandfather by, so I contacted Jenny Lee my favorite Bear Artist to see if she could do this for me. Jenny Lee of course said yes. C: My grandfather wore glasses, white tee, suspenders and jeans on a daily basis at home. Hence the Popo Bear's look. As you can see she did a perfect job. Thank you Jenny from the bottom of my heart. <3

Popo's Dedication

I thought I would talk a little bit about Popo and let all my readers know what kind of person he was. 
Here it goes...

Popo has always been there for me, always...If I needed something he ALWAYS wanted to be the one to do it. When I was little he always liked showing me things around the house as if we were taking a tour. We would go to Snow Cone Stands around town, Lol he always laughed at me when I tried to say Pina Colada. 

We would work on puzzles and color together all the time. If I wanted something he would get it for me. Back then I thought $20.00 was so much... Lol. So I would only ask for small things... They would have had me spoiled! :P I do miss him very much... If you know me you know I get shipments in all the time. Popo always called me when I got one in. He was always so excited to call me and share the news. I could here is smile through the phone. He was a good man. He didn't just do things for me... he did a lot for others... He was always so helpful. A genuinely good person. 

Popo has been through alot... He had a stroke or two... pacemaker, and was on dialysis. He ended up having a mini stroke that caused him to go blind in one eye later on. But he always wanted to keep living. His goals were always us. His wish was to see me Graduate. He did. And the same for my other two sisters later... Lol I remember he would tell me... asking to see my little sister graduate would be asking to much. 

Every morning before work almost, I would have breakfast with them. It always felt so good! You know that home like feeling with the sunshine coming through. All the sweet smells and love... 

Till one night... I was getting ready for one of my dreams to come true. I was going to a Doll Show the next morning. I was so excited and couldn't believe it. Well we got a call that Popo was is the emergency room. No one said it was serious but I was scared. So I went with my sisters to see what happened. I show up and they said he fell and hit his head. Momo my grandma said I could see him but not to get to upset. She said "He just hit his head and has a scratch" He will be OK. 

I walk in to see him... And my heart breaks. I realized it wasn't just a scratch... But my grandma literally thought he was going to be OK and that it was just a scratch... I see his favorite house shoes and pajamas on a chair to the left... And Momo is next to him trying to get him to settle down... He had blood on his white hair and pillow... And he was moving as if he was fighting against whatever is was... I have never seen my Grandfather helpless like that. Its one of the worst images I have... 

They flew him to Corpus Christi. He was in a coma now. He had been bleeding eternally and it had caused brain damage. The fall of course made it worse... They said he had been like that for a while and surprised he lasted that long. We never knew... They told us even if they caught it would have still ended up bleeding eventually. He died a day after his birthday and Anniversary... They wanted to let him go the day of, but my Grandma couldn't do it... She was always hoping for the last moment even if a few seconds she could see him wake up or tell him she loves him. 

We all miss him so much... I catch myself waiting for his car to pull up or thinking when a car looks like his it will be him... even though I know its not... Or when I go to see Momo, I forget and realize the reality once again. His name not being on cards anymore... To this day I still have not seen a Doll Show.

*Sighs* As I write this it does hurt but I wanted you all to know him and what happened. 

I had always felt like the sun went away from my life, when you passed August 30th. The sun shines now... because it makes me so happy and honored that I had a grandfather that loved me for exactly who I am and loved me with every thing he had, everything. There has been no love purer.

 With no questions... or buts... you were always there for me...
 I love you Popo. You are the light that has always shined through for me.

To all grandparetns out there, thank you so much for being the great gifts you are. Love you. 

In Loving Memory Of 
Juan Segovia
August 29, 1928 - August 30, 2009

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